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Holy. Crap.

I have had one amazing string of adventures!
This is a tremendous time of year for me. I have mini-vacations, weddings, Ren-Festing…. I’m happy, but exhausted.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks jumping between being home and not for various celebrations and get-togethers. I am so very, very happy to be able to settle for a bit.
And I can get back to dancing.
I have missed it so much.

But… on to the meat of this post, which is 1 of 3 I will be doing tonight.
“Why three?”, you ask.
Because I have been slacking and I have things to say. Hubby is working tonight, so I have the peace and serentity of the holy terrors (known more commonly as Calli, Banshee, and Wookie) running around the house.

This post is to remind everyone that I am still “reviewing” a book. Posts 2 and 3 will be reviews on the next 2 chapters.
This post is also to share a touching and beautiful wedding speech from my dear freinds’ wedding last week. It wasn’t a tradition ceremony, or wedding, as same-sex marriages are not yet legal in Minnesota. However, it was still a wonderful commitment ceremony – long overdue – for two women who mean the world to me.

These gals have been freinds, with each other and me – since highschool. They’ve been together as a couple since college.
They didn’t know that they would grow to have feelings for each other for years. They didn’t know they could have feelings for another girl, since they had previously been attracted to dudes. Their long-running joke was that they were “queer for each other” and not acutally lesbians.

I know the few of you who follow my meager blog will very much appreciate this, and may even be moved to tears as I was.

We’d like to start by saying we both feel so lucky to have each of you who has played a

role in our lives joining us today as we make this special and emotional commitment to

each other.  Thank you all.
The Wedding Speech:

“Some people asked us why we’re getting married here today instead of opting instead to go out of State or out of the country to have a “real” legal wedding ceremony, or simply wait until our marriage can be legal. Our response is that we did not choose to fall in love with one another, but it is the greatest bit of serendipity either of us could have ever hoped for. We have spent a wonderful 11 years together and plan to spend the rest of our lives together. No State, No country, and No government can stop us from committing our lives to each other. Just as our love is real, and our commitment is real, this wedding is real.

We would absolutely love to have a state recognized legal marriage and if it becomes an option we will make our union official at our first opportunity. However, while getting that document will mean the world to us,  it will not change anything about our wedding here today. While we feel we deserve it as much as any other couple, we do not need a document to validate our love and commitment. Marriage is much more than the piece of paper and the official government recognition and legal protections that come with it. It is union of two people and two lives into one whole. We stand before you today as two people very much in love and ready to commit our lives to one another as life partners and wives.”

This is where they had their ceremony. It was beautiful and sunny, warm, and serene.

After the trip, which was a good hours from home, we headed down to our local Rennaissance Festival for the weekend. One of my best friends (and her hubby and another pal) came up for the weekend, so we all got hotel rooms near the fairgrounds. Fest was great. We ate too much, drank too much, and partied like the rock stars that we are!





It was a grand time!

And I came home tired and sore, but content. 🙂


To of my favorite people are getting married (to each other) today!

I met Keith back in 2005 while I was running bar trivia to raise money for Animal Ark Shelter. He and two friends were sitting at a table in the restaurant. I didn’t often go into the restaurant area for trivia because I felt it would be rude to interrupt folks having dinner. But, one of the servers I knew (because, let’s face it, I was at the bar so often that the management had my phone number) pointed them out to me.
The trivia of the night was “Geek-topia”. It featured topics such as Jim Henson, D&D, Star Wars, Star Trek, and a few other random nerdy movies and games. And yes, if you looked at these three sitting there together, you would just know that they were geeky.They won by a HUGE margin.

Keith met Marie through an dating site a little over a year ago.
Most of us were relieved when he found a girlfriend – it really seemed to calm his angst and, um, frustration.  😉

She really is good for him. They share an interest in photography, movies, and games. And she is one of the sweetest, most intelligent women I have met. She’s bilingual, and open to cultures outside of white-bread American.

I knew that their wedding day wouldn’t be traditional… or boring.
Neither of them is religious. I get the feeling that she, though, is pretty spiritual. So a friend of theirs (who was one of the geeks at the table) will be performing a civil ceremony for them.

They’re getting married at a park here in the Cities. The forecast about a week ago had today as well into the 80s. Now, we’re looking at 70s with a [high] chance of rain.
However, I don’t feel bad about it, or wish for a more “perfect” day.

You see, rain is a GOOD thing.
According to this article and many others, rain is a good omen.

I am very happy for them, and excited to be a part of their big day.