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Merry Christmas!

I made myself a tree…

And then I made *myself* a tree:

And My family knew just what to get me:




A festive little throwback, from a 2013 performance:

Ostara Approaches

Now that my St. Patrick’s Day festivities have passed, and I can relax a little – and get back to my normal schedule – I can plan ahead for Ostara.
While the Christian religion celebrated the return of the crucified Christ, pagans will celebrate the return of spring.
All will enjoy the pastel and chocolatey goodness that occurs for the holiday. Brightly colored eggs, fuzzy lambs, squee-dorable bunnies… it’s all one holiday, celebrated differently.

Let’s all get along, celebrate a renewal, a revival, a darn good thing. Let’s eat. Let’s mate. Let’s enjoy the warm sunshine and return of above-40 temperatures. 🙂

Also, I really enjoy the chocolate.
And hard-boiled, brightly-decorated eggs.

Yay spring!

Natural egg dyes

Hot-Cross Buns

Fudgy Truffle Eggs

Seed Blessing & Indoor Plant Ritual

I’m part of the group that organizes the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade here in St. Paul. February and March are a BIG deal.

We have a new group of Shamrock Princesses, all vying to be the next Miss Shamrock, Queen of the Parade.
This year, because of my dance schedule, I really stepped back from too much responsibility – I used to help with the Princess Committee.

But, I still participated.
We sold buttons, made appearances, and sang silly songs.

We even made the local news (warning, earplugs may be needed).


2007 Miss Shamrock Coronation (that’s me on the end in the super-silky gown)


This is what I deal with every year.

This is what I deal with every year.


The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries – Book Review, Part 3

Chapter 3: Celebrating the Holy Days of the Earth

This brief chapter covers Sabbats and Esbats.
For those readers who are not familiar

For those of you not familiar:
There are 8 Sabbats that make up the Wheel of the Year. The Sabbats are solar, seasonal and represent the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. These days are Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltain, Litha, Lughnasadh, and Mabon. Sabbats usually correspond with modern Judeo-Christian holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

Esbats are the celebration of the 13 full moons that occur every year. The Esbats are lunar and represent the Goddess at her height of power. These are the times when Her magick is more potent than on any other day of the month.

Back to the book…

Since this is a fairly short chapter, I’ll keep this short.
This is a great chapter. Simple, eh?

This part of the book is just what I expected and quite useful. As a Solitary, it is difficult to find teachers, mentors, etc. to help in learning rituals. I now have a fairly comprehensive how-to on celebrating important Pagan holidays.

You can clearly see how each of these corresponds to a modern Judeo-Christian holiday.