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Through the Fog

I woke up rather early this morning – or late last night, depending on your view – with a horrible migraine.

I have no recollection of dreams, but an overall feeling of panic and dread. And the sensation that someone was hammering toothpicks into various parts of my head. I am sensitive to light and sounds are amplified to an impossible decibel.

I’m currently a little doped up. My head is fuzzy and I only have partial vision, which is making the creation of this blog post difficult. I have never been so happy to see that squiggly red line. I’m sure this would be a whole new level of typing without it.

While I am slightly more lucid, I hopped on to my work email to clear out the crap and respond to emergencies.
Of which there are several.
What. The. Fuck?

I was just in of Friday and I only had 1. And that wasn’t really an emergency.

This is what happens when I try to take a sick day.



One of the most relaxing things in (my) life is having a cat purr near or on you.

As I type this, my Wookie is sitting on my legs – doing that kneading thing cats do – going off like an out-board motor. I can hear her purr, and I can feel it vibrating through my legs. It’s like a mini-massage!

I have a bit of a hangover this morning. We decided to play a drinking game last night while watching The Fellowship of the Ring. We would take a shot (not a full shot, more like a small swig,  thankfully, or I may have needed medical attention by now) of Jameson every time Frodo gave Sam and endearing look or said “Oh, Sam.”
I was also drinking beer (Vine Park Brewery’s Black IPA, mmmm….).

Yeah, my head’s a little foggy.

So the fur-monster is a needed relief. She’s warm and soft and very calming.

I’m quite thankful for the little things.

This is how my kitties make me feel.

Stormy Day

This is what my end of the world looks like:

That’s a whole lotta rain.

Frankly, it’s quite lovely outside. I enjoy the sound of the rain (especially since my Susheela Ramen album is playing). It’s very relaxing. And, since it started raining, my mirgaine is toning down.

I woke up with a start around 5 am… it felt like someone broke in and hit me with a mallet. That was the beginning.
I took the last of my Excedrine to try and get a bit more sleep, ended up over-sleeping and being late for work. Fortunately, my office if pretty forgiving about that – they’re also aware of my migraine issues.

So, crappy start to the day. But it’s getting better.
I can listen to the rain, say a little prayer, and relax. It’s nice and quiet in my office – my boss just left for the weekend, so it’s just me in here. Peace.

~Breathe Deep, Seek Peace~

A Storm Rolls In

I have a love-hate relationship with storms.

I love they way the sky smells when rain is about to move in. I love the feel of cool droplets dancing on my body. I love the shady grey sky and how it makes my city look like an old movie. And I absolutely love how a good rain storm can give me the best sleep of my life.

What I hate is that I am my own barometer, so when a rain storm comes my way I can usually tell within 6-8 hours how big it’s going to be based on how much my head throbs.
You see, I suffer from migraines. Most of the time they aren’t too bad; I can function and go about my day with minor issues. But when a big storm comes in, I get very sick.
Sometimes I lose my vision, other times I black out. Mostly, it’s just intense pain and nausea.

We’ve had a series of storms for the last week. Oh, it has certainly been a fun week. I went to bed last night at 7 (way earlier than my typical 2), and woke up at 10. There were a few moments of pseudo-waking up in there; I had to feed the cats, get an ice-pack, and hit the bathroom. For the most part though, it was just sleep with random dreams about the zombie apocalypse and mutant kittens.

To my benefit, though, was this storm is going to be big. So, though my head feels like it is securely locked in a vice and it feels like I got roundhouse kicked in the diaphragm, I slept incredibly well. And that sleep helped relax the rest of my body. Small miracles, eh?

Doctors are on the fence about whether or not people can “feel” a storm coming on, and if changes in temperature or pressure can cause migraines. I’m no doctor, but I can tell you yes, yes it does.

What do you experience when it rains?
Do you love it like I do?
Do you hate it?

It’s been a rough week for my household. I think the other cats have finally realized that Peanut isn’t coming home. Wookie has been a little sh*t, Banshee has been mopey, and Calli has been biting whenever she can.
It has gotten a little better over the last 2 days, but they are still settling.

And me? Well… I thought I was adjusting relatively well.
Then last night struck.

I don’t know if I was just uber vulnerable because of a recent temperature change, or if my hormones are all wonky. But last night was absolutely hellish. I couldn’t fall asleep, every time I closed my eyes I could see her on that vet table breathing her last breath. Because of the tube in her nose, her eyes never closed. It was very surreal in real life, and in the “dream”  it was heartbreaking. I kept asking everyone “Why aren’t her eyes closed?” and “Are you sure? She’s still looking at me.”
No one could or would give me an answer.

I had a mini-breakdown.

I sat up in bad and meditated a while. I needed to clear my head and relax.
So I tried to go to a quiet, happy place.

I don’t really know how long it took, but eventually I floated to an open room. I say open, but it was really more comfortable – there weren’t any doors or windows or anything. But it was spacious and quiet and clean. The carpet was soft and squishy. I could here music – it was my mp3 player.

After a while I wondered why I was in the room. Why not my happy little field.
A soft, masculine voice spoke through what I can only equate to an intercom system. He told me that this was what my mind looked like right now because I was trying to isolate myself.

It’s amazing the stuff we hide from ourselves, huh?

He told me that when I was ready to stop blaming myself and let go, I could leave.
Great. I locked myself in a friggin’ institution.

I sat around for a little bit, playing with my hair and running my fingers through the plush carpeting (no, that is not a euphemism). At least when I mentally lock myself in a padded room, I use only the finest quality floor-coverings. 😀

At some point I asked the nice man what I could do.
After a while, he responded with, “It isn’t your fault.”
And I teared up a little.
“It really isn’t. You cannot blame yourself. You know it was the right decision.”
At this point I’m full-on crying. I must have gone on for a good ten minutes… not that I have ever really been able to keep track of time in there.
I think I actually cried myself to sleep in real-life. And I dreamed of the field.

I had let go the best way I knew how: Crying the hell out of it.
By letting go of the tears, I had let go of the guilt. I think I woke up around 4 or 5. My husband was home from work and playing video games or something, so it had to be after 3. I felt a bit relieved, though I had a small headache. I reached for my water bottle and took a few good swigs.

So, I feel some relief. Which is all I can really ask for right now.

Except for some Excedrin… my physical self is not so happy.
You see, I am my own barometer.
We had a pretty dramatic pressure change, so my head feel like I got punched right in the nose. My neck is all tensed up and stuff. We’re supposed to have a substantial storm rolling in tomorrow. Ick.

But I downloaded a crap-ton of music yesterday, so I’m putting together a new meditation playlist. Yeah!

Back to it.

~Breathe deep, seek peace~

Natural Healing

I’m my own barometer when it comes to storms, and we’ve had some strange, shifting weather here in the Twin Cities (St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN, for non-natives). Because of this, my head has been pounding.

I often look to natural remedies for common ailments, and my headaches and migraines are no exceptions. Usually, a nice, hot tea will relax a headache. I have found very little healing for migraines. A ton of water and some rest are the most beneficial, though not always.

But, here’s a great little tea recipe I found a while back. Put on some relaxing music, close your eyes, and focus on heaing thoughts while you sip this tea.

– 3 tbs rosemary
– 2 cups of boiling water
– honey and lemon juice to taste

Put the rosemary in a big bowl
When the water is boiling pour it in the bowl and cover
let it set for ten minutes, strain with something such as a tea ball, cloth or coffee filter
and add honey and lemon juice for flavor

I have heard that equal parts ginger, rosemary, and a caffeinated tea are also good. If I get a chance to try that, I’ll let you know.

Blessed be.