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Merry Christmas!

I made myself a tree…

And then I made *myself* a tree:

And My family knew just what to get me:



Halloween Shenanigans!

We went to a friend’s party – the first non dance event I’ve been to in a looooooong time.
It was nice, refreshing even; and it was nice to be with that particular group of friends.

Anywho… here are some photos:
I did sort of a hipster-preppy Harley Quinn.

Complete with fuzzy, Ugg-like boots.

And a quick coat over my nails.

Super-cute, no?

I ended up needing to patch my leggings; there was a small tear.

Happy Halloween, folks!

My birthday is coming up, so I have decided to get a new tattoo in celebration.

It’s not a major birthday, but I haven’t gotten myself anything in years, and it’s been several since my last one. I think it’s about time.

I have a few ideas roaming around in my brain (in no particular order):

Harley Quinn diamonds. A set of three in black and red on my upper arm or thigh.
An Irish Barn Owl. Mom’s favorite animal is the owl, and I would like to have a stylized (Celtic) owl on one of my arms.
A rose and a shamrock, one for each grandmother.
Tetris pieces, falling down my leg. Tetris is my second all-time favorite video game following The Legend of Zelda (I already have 2 Zelda pieces on my leg).
Kitty paw prints, one for each of my girls.
Brigid’s Cross
Generic silhouette of a black cat. Cats are my favorite animal, and I consider them my guides.
What do you think?
What should I get?