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Just… stop.

I saw this post on my Facebook feed today, comparing Malala to one of the Kylie Jenner.

“Malala Yousafzai & Kylie Jenner. Both turned 18 recently. One was given a Ferrari and spent thousands on facial modification. The other was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, survived a gun shot to the face by the Taliban due to corruption in her country, and opened a school for Syrian refugees to combat the lack of education for youth around the world. What’s upsetting is the media is only covering one of these stories as “breaking news.” Share the post to spread real love and inspiration across the youth of the world. Last thing to note, Malala is infinitely more beautiful! **re-posted

I made the mistake of reading the comments. (NEVER READ THE COMMENTS)
jesus do all those talentless ho bags have the same plastic surgeon? they all look like the same plastic mold of expressionless garbage
^This. This right here is the kind of crap we women have to deal with.
I would LOVE to respond directly, but that would only cause some severe male backlash for which I just have no patience today.

So I did a quick status update….

(Copied from my FB page)

Comparing the character of people is one thing, but stop talking about their physical appearance.
It doesnt matter how much cosmetic surgery a woman has had. That’s her choice. It may not be your thing, but that doesn’t matter, because she didn’t do it for you.

Comparing a psuedo-celebrity (who, as far as I know, has done nothing for world-betterment) to a young woman who has pushed boundaries and fought for social justice is asinine when all you care about is who is more “beautiful”.


Just stop reducing women down to their looks. It doesnt matter who they are, whether or not you agree with them, or what they have done. Their face and body have nothing to do with who they are as people.


It’s been a while…

Yeah, my blogging has taken a serious backseat to the rest of my life.
I’ve been struggling with these major changes.

My divorce is final.
That’s kind of a big deal.
I’m glad it’s finalized, but also a little empty.

I have my own bills to pay.
Adult-things to worry about.

I’m anxious and terrified and excited.

I’d like to get back into blogging now that things have actually settled down a bit.
I promise to come back with more regular updates.


cant even

Blessed Be!

“Then came cold February, sitting
In an old waggon, for he could not ride,
Drawne of two fishes, for the season fitting,
Which through the flood before did softly slyde
And swim away; yet had he by his side…
His plough and harnesse fit to till the ground,
And tooles to prune the trees before the pride
Of hasting prime did make them burgeon round”



My period was more than a week late… it finally came late last night/this morning.

I have been regular for the last 7 years (miserable, but regular), so late freaked me the fuck out.
My regular pre-flow symptoms did not come, with the exception of a bit of acne that showed up a few days ago. I really, really tried to rationalize that this is all due to the fact that I started taking evening primrose oil and black cohosh supplements. It’s the most reasonable answer.

But I still started to panic.

So, yay; today I’m all bloaty and headachey. But… that’s not the reason why I am hostile.
I had to tell hubby (I’m horrible with secrets, and keep very few from him). I had to tell him that I was worried enough to buy a test. And, silly me, I had to ask him “What if?”.

It’s tough to answer that kind of hypothetical when you aren’t in that position.

But it comes down to this:
If I ever change my mind about having kids, my marriage would end. Period.
I haven’t really finished processing it, so I quite don’t know how I feel about it.
But part of me is angry. And part of me is sad. And another part is fairly indifferent to it all because I am pretty comfortable with my life and I don’t do well with change.

A little change.

Every six months or so I make some kind of change.
it’s usually cosmetic – new clothes, new hair (cut, style, color, etc), new routine.

So, this time, I got new glasses. I was due anyway; it’s been about two years since I’ve seen an eye doctor.
With my new frames, I decided to change up my hair, too.

Naturally, I am a blonde.
I’m not platinum anymore, but pretty darn light.

I happened to have a box of henna dye sitting in my bathroom.

So now, I’m rockin’ burgundy.


New specs, new color. Word.


And, yes, my Whovian friends, that is a Dalek on the corkboard behind me.