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Our Dancing Daughters is Still Fundraising!.

Please consider donating to this awesome program. Kamala Chaand Dance Company is doing some amazing work.

If you can’t donate, please consider spreading the word through your social media outlets.

Thank you!

Our Dancing Daughters


Blessed Be!

“Then came cold February, sitting
In an old waggon, for he could not ride,
Drawne of two fishes, for the season fitting,
Which through the flood before did softly slyde
And swim away; yet had he by his side…
His plough and harnesse fit to till the ground,
And tooles to prune the trees before the pride
Of hasting prime did make them burgeon round”


I’m back!

I’m back from vacation; look at some of the awesome photos I took!

via I’m back!.

Happy Pride Weekend!

June 28th & 29th marks the 42nd annual Pride festival in the Twin Cities.

I am not gay; I proudly support my LGBT friends.
Pride is a big deal.
And it’s important.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I can make it down to the celebrations this year. I have classes, a family get-together, and some major housework to get done.
But I’ll be celebrating at home.

Kinda like this:


I shared this on my dancer Facebook page because it has been a huge challenge for me to not compare myself to other (rather fabulous) dancers. 
Why aren’t I as good? 
Why can’t I do that? 
I want to be – insert whatever attribute – like them!

This is something has also plagued me personally, so I decided to share it on my personal page. 
i have always struggled with self-acceptance. And I have never really felt so good in my skin as I do these days.

I have gotten quite a few “likes” on it, mostly from my dance friends. It will be interesting to see of my non-dancer/artist friends do, too. Not that it is a test or anything… many of my friends have so many others that they miss the things I post anyway. But there are a few out there that I feel should see it.

It hurts a helluvalot when people are offended or off-put by my acceptance of me and the path I have chosen to take with my life, but I finally feel like I’m getting to a place where I am comfortable with myself.

I am not the same person I was 5, 10, or even 15 years ago.

I am me.. now.

And they can either deal with it, or take a flying leap.

Because I am still me; I’m just trying to be a more confident me.

I gotta be me, yo.

I am in the running to be Vine Park Brewery’s Fall 2013 spokes-model!

Click here to vote for me (#10):




My birthday is coming up, so I have decided to get a new tattoo in celebration.

It’s not a major birthday, but I haven’t gotten myself anything in years, and it’s been several since my last one. I think it’s about time.

I have a few ideas roaming around in my brain (in no particular order):

Harley Quinn diamonds. A set of three in black and red on my upper arm or thigh.
An Irish Barn Owl. Mom’s favorite animal is the owl, and I would like to have a stylized (Celtic) owl on one of my arms.
A rose and a shamrock, one for each grandmother.
Tetris pieces, falling down my leg. Tetris is my second all-time favorite video game following The Legend of Zelda (I already have 2 Zelda pieces on my leg).
Kitty paw prints, one for each of my girls.
Brigid’s Cross
Generic silhouette of a black cat. Cats are my favorite animal, and I consider them my guides.
What do you think?
What should I get?

Today, Minnesota – my home state – became the 12th to allow same-sex marriages.

We know how to celebrate.

35W Bridge

Outside the Capital building

 Rainbow half  Rainbow close

I know how to celebrate, too.  🙂


My mom is pretty darn cool.

Mom & her husband dressed up for our wedding.

Mom & her husband dressed up for our wedding.

Happy Mothers Day!

Mom with her first grandchild (my niece).

Celebrating Beltaine!

It’s still April 30th here – my mom’s birthday, too.

April’s showers have given way to rich and fertile earth, and as the land greens, there are few celebrations as representative of fertility as Beltane.
Observed on May 1st, festivities typically begin the evening before, on the last night of April. It’s a time to welcome the abundance of the fertile earth, and a day that has a long (and sometimes scandalous) history. Depending on your tradition, there are a number of ways you can celebrate this Sabbat.

*Go Maying. One traditional way to celebrate Beltane was called Maying, which meant to stay out late or all night gathering flowers in the woods and fields. Young people often met in the woods at this time and would bring back the flowers they found.

*Make May baskets. If you have fresh flowers, fill some baskets for festive decorations or to leave on the doorsteps of friends and neighbors.

*Build a May pole. While May pole dances can get quite complicated, the basic idea is to set up a tall pole (traditionally a tree trunk) with many long streamers attached near the top. Dancers hold these streamers and dance in both directions around the pole, interweaving with the dancers going the other way. This causes the streamers to get woven around the pole until they get quite short and the dance ends.

*Celebrate Beltane by feasting on fresh fruit, wine, chocolate, edible flowers, honey, spring greens and other indulgent foods. This is possibly the most appropriate day of the entire year to do so.

*Have a bonfire. In some areas, Beltane fires traditionally burn all night. There are also traditions of jumping over the fire, especially while holding the hand of a loved one, in order to ensure luck in the coming year.

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