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Beats Antique – Free Download

Get Lucky Cover






Free Music!!!

Beats Antique has made my day a little brighter!

Free music download here!

I just threw it in my “now playing” list… I cannot wait!

Lacking Motivation

My little weekend exploits have left me completely drained. So much so, in fact, that I completely skipped my bloggy goodness yesterday.  :/

I’ll make up for it today; I promise.

Have some free stuff:

Type your email in and wait a few moments for the download link in your inbox.
A heads-up – it downloads as a zip file.

I love free stuff… especially music… especially Beats Antique Music.

In related news, I just downloaded Desert Grooves volumes 2 and 3 off Amazon, as well as Music Melodic. I am super stoked for some new dance beats!

I’m probably going to hook myself up with some Helm albums, too. I just have to decide which ones.
Any suggestions?

Until tomorrow.
~Blessed Be~

Links, links, links!
Desert Grooves 2 MP3 Download
Desert Grooves 3 MP3 Download

Fat Chance Belly Dance presents Muse Melodic