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Our Dancing Daughters is Still Fundraising!.

Please consider donating to this awesome program. Kamala Chaand Dance Company is doing some amazing work.

If you can’t donate, please consider spreading the word through your social media outlets.

Thank you!

Our Dancing Daughters

Blessed Be!

“Then came cold February, sitting
In an old waggon, for he could not ride,
Drawne of two fishes, for the season fitting,
Which through the flood before did softly slyde
And swim away; yet had he by his side…
His plough and harnesse fit to till the ground,
And tooles to prune the trees before the pride
Of hasting prime did make them burgeon round”


Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess


Hear my words, I’m calling from your heart

And calling from your mind

I am the spark that kindles the flame

And nurtures all mankind

For a jewel of light has been at every root

And lies within the soil’s clay

And it cradles the babe of our visions and dreams

And sends all creation into flight.

Take my hand, I’ll pull to free your stance

I pull only at first

And when you push on to make out a path

The waiting seed pods burst

There’s a fountain that flows and deep within the rock

And satisfies the thirst in all.

And it cools the brow when the hammer falls

And smooths the way for the birth.

So speak my name, I’ll come to any door

And come at any hour

And when you raise your voice and your heart

Your innocence is power

And the healing of…

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Dancing with Adara Din

Kamala Chaand Dance Company is working really hard but it takes a village…. Dancers, you’re our village. Parents, you’re our village. Grandparents, you’re our village. Friends and neighbors, you are our village.

We’ve found the perfect new space, and now we need help getting it ready for Our Dancing Daughters!

We are beginning the program this month with the release of the scholarship application. The application will be made available to girls in the St. Paul area and will be for the school year starting September 2015.
It’s a pretty extensive application process for them and we also need time yet to be able to file our 501c3 and raise more funds in order to supply them with their curriculum and costuming requirements.
This is where you come in. Can you spare us $25? Maybe you’ve got $50 you want to throw our direction to help enrich the…

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Brighid Hymn

This is absolutely beautiful!

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess

Hymn to Brighid

Brighid, Lady of flame
Forge of me a link
In the chain
Of strong women
Create a song in my heart
Help me heal with love

Sing me a song of flames
Sing me a song of hammer and anvil
Sing me a song of peace
Sing me a song of creation

Make me strong
Make me shiny
Make me tempered
Make me precious.

Sing me a song of flames
Sing me a song of hammer and anvil
Sing me a song of peace
Sing me a song of creation.

Use me to help
Use me to heal
Use me to create
Use me to make real

Sing me a song of morning
Sing me a song of night
Sing me a song of between times
Sing me a song of your light.

Kat – TOILA Brighid ritual 2001

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Merry Christmas!

I made myself a tree…

And then I made *myself* a tree:

And My family knew just what to get me:



A festive little throwback, from a 2013 performance:

Living with cats…