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Baby, it’s cold outside

Well… not so much today. We’re going to break 0 (zero) degrees.

Yesterday was bitter, though.
Yeah… two scarves.
Stupid, stupid cold

Stay warm, my friends.


10 Days.

Holy crap, we have 10 days.

10 days to pick music, 10 days to reherse, 10 days to get the rest of everything situated.

Holy crap.

I want this to go smoothly. I need this to be successful.
otherwise, why have we been working so hard?

Something Tribal has been Tasha’s baby. We’ve worked very hard to get the little details done. Clearing up the nuances of dance movements, perfecting technique… ::sigh::
I’ve so excited to dance with Wendy Allen of FatChanceBellyDance, and to be a part of Something Tribal. But I can feel a little stress starting the set in, and I know Tasha is super-stressed (in part, because her mother-in-law temporarily moved into their home).

We’ve had someone try to sabotage the event – stealing vendors (trying to) for their own event that is still weeks away. I get the imporession that someone has been trash-
talking Tasha, too. She doesn’t like to gossip, but I know there is a history with a gal from a former troupe that has not been so kind to her.

In all this, I am still really stoked for SomethingTribal.
We managed to pick up some advertisers and vendors, we’ve had some generous donors give so that others may attend.
But… I wish I could get one BIG sponsor. Something that would really help us break even. No, I don’t expect us to make money this year, or even next; it’s only our first year, and that is the nature of running events such as this. I have plans for next year, and sponsor letters will be going out in October, rather than November/December. I have a bigger list than this year, too, as peolpe started making recommendations to me. Yay!

I was really stressed last night about all of this, and I wanted to speak to the Lady. But no dreams came last night.
My guess is that this is something I must do on my own.
She’ll let me know if soomething isn’t right.


PS… it’s still damn cold here.

I feel bad for my friends in Duluth.

It is Butt-A$$ cold out there.

Today is January 20.
Tomorrow, in many parts of my beautiful state, it is supposed to be really, really cold. I mean, dangerously cold.

Here in the cities, we can expect below zero temps with wind chills that will lead us to -20 degrees.
Up North, though, they’re supposed to be in the teens-below zero before wind chill. Ouch.



Today, factoring in the wind.


I, fortunately, have tomorrow off.  But still. Damn.
I think I’ll just stay at home and lounge in my pjs. And cuddle with the kitties.
And NOT go outside.


Now I’m going to go make a tater-tot hotdish. Or maybe some lemon squares.

It’s a Hot One

I’m going to try this again…. since somehow my original post managed to be deleted.

It’s effin’ hot here.
So hot, in fact, that a local radio station did this and this.
We’ve had heat-related injuries and deaths  over the last week.

With the humidity, the last few days have been steamy. Over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit).
Right now, the weather-folks are saying it is 101 degrees in the Cities. But with the humidity, it feels more like 110.

I’m really glad we got the pool up.

Fortunately, it seems like we’ll get a break. The temps should drop down to a more manageable 80-90 degrees. And, hopefully, we’ll get some rain down here.

Well… I’m going to get ready for a BBQ with friends.
I need to slather on a boat-load of sunblock before my pastey Northgirl self gets out there.
Have a good weekend everyone!