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Our Dancing Daughters is Still Fundraising!.

Please consider donating to this awesome program. Kamala Chaand Dance Company is doing some amazing work.

If you can’t donate, please consider spreading the word through your social media outlets.

Thank you!

Our Dancing Daughters


Happy Yule!

A festive little throwback, from a 2013 performance:

Ghosts in the Theater

My troupe mates and I went to check out a potential new space for our dance studio. It’s an historic building, and old theater…. and it’s magnificent!

There are two spaces that we are currently hoping to get (I would really be happy in either space).
The first is an old ballet studio – excellent wood floors, mirrors are already up, big enough to hosts classes, workshops, and events.
The other is the theater.
There would be some work to be done if we got it. Floors would need to be installed, mirrors, etc. It has space for an office, storage, and there is a room large enough for private lessons that could double as classroom space (not dance class, but actual lecture/homework-type class).

The Our Dancing Daughters program would really benefit from either studio. We discussed the potential for having the girls usher, run concessions, or handle ticket sales (supervised, of course) while plays/shows/events go on.
And having non-KCDC/ODD/belly dance events would certainly help supplement income. It is a theater.

While we were touring the building – and getting super excited – we stood on the stage looking out toward the seats. It’s a large enough theater to have big events, but not so large to be intimidating.
While Tasha and the caretaker spoke, something out toward the front of the room caught my eye. It wasn’t much, a flash of…. light? No, it wasn’t bright enough to be light. A shapeless form that, at first glance, looked like it may have been a reflection off some of the hanging decorations. I stood there, staring, looking for it to happen again, but it didn’t.

Tasha and I talked about the space in the car, on our way to the coffee shop for a post-theater meeting with the others. She saw it, too, and definitely felt like there were more than just the 3 spirits for which the building is known. Oh? Didn’t I mention that? Yeah; the place is haunted.

I only saw the one thing, but I felt the others, for sure.

Not once did I feel uncomfortable.The theater was inviting and warm.
I really felt like we belonged there.
Like we could spruce it up and make it magical again.

I think the little girl, Mary, would love to see the ODD girls dancing.
I think she would like to learn, too.

Like I said, I would be happy with either space.
But I kinda really want the theater.

Using the power of dance for good!

Dancing with Adara Din

The annual Guild of Oriental Dance Benefit Show for Women’s Advocates was back on the 11th.

Women’s Advocates is a safe place where battered women and their children can escape domestic violence.
In addition to providing shelter, Women’s Advocates provides advocacy, personalized support (including mental health therapy and aftercare services), education, and resources for nearly 1,000 women and children every year. The first shelter in the nation for battered women and their children, Women’s Advocates opened its doors in 1974. Women’s Advocates welcomes women and children of all backgrounds and cultures.
Women’s Advocates Mission: to eliminate violence in the lives of women, children, and families.

Here are a couple of screen-grabs from my solo:

Cabaret Donna 2

Cabaret Donna 3

Cabaret Donna 5

Cabaret Donna 6

Cabaret Donna 7

Cabaret Donna

And now for video!!!

Let me just remind you that I am not a professional dancer of this style (American/Egyptian Cabaret).
I am an ATS dancer 98% of the time, with a smattering of Fusion and…

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I’m back!

I’m back from vacation; look at some of the awesome photos I took!

via I’m back!.

KCDC TroupeSome of you have probably seen this (I’ve posted this on all my blogs, plus several Facebook pages, including our troupe/studio page Kamala Chaand Dance Company, or my dance page, Adara Din), so my apologies for this clogging up your feeds.

Well… I’m only kind of sorry – because this is an awesome thing.

We are starting a community program called ‘Our Dancing Daughters’. This program is designed to support at-risk girls, teens, and women with self empowerment education through dance (a lot like SEEDs). There are, currently, no programs like this in our area.

Troupe members will be taking part in crisis prevention training so that we are able to coach the girls and young women through issues that they may be struggling with. We will work with a financial planner who will assist the girls and young women with learning how to make a budget, check their credit, balance a checkbook and plan their lives financially.

We will be implementing an accountability system whereby the girls and young women who are in school will have a regular check in with a partner and with one of the KCDC instructors about how they are doing in school and what they need to work on in order to excel.

Additionally, we will be aiding the girls in finding scholarships and programs to help them with their education after high school.

Our aim is to help women and girls who are the most at risk, to become leaders in their community through self empowerment and the building of their self esteem and self reliance.

We’ve started a fundraiser – it’s what all the cool kids are doing these days.

We’re working on getting a slightly larger studio space in our building, in order to accommodate a larger number of students. We are also looking for seed money to start the scholarship program, as well as being able to supply basic costuming for the scholarship recipients (zils, skirt, and an Our Dancing Daughters logo tank top).

This is something very important to me, personally, as I dealt with severe self-image issues and eating disorders as a young woman. I now know I am not alone, and having a support group in dance has been nothing short of amazing.

If you are able, please consider donating to our Gofundme fundraiser.
If you aren’t, but would still like to help, we’d love it if you could share our page with others.
Potato salad dude raised thousands of dollars on a joke; I think we can raise a bit to help our community.

Visit the link and see the cool stuff you can get for helping at-risk girls.

Thank you!
(BIG thanks to our Mods for letting me post this here; ya’ll are stars!)


girl power

I’m certified!

I earned my General Skills and Teacher Training certifications; yay!!!

I’m certified!.

Ilessthan3photography shot photos of KCDC in our neighborhood.
Check it out!

KCDC Photo Shoot fun!.

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More bloggy goodness coming soon.

But not tonight.
I had a long, but awesome, night in the studio. I’m tired, sore, and kinda smelly.
And I need a beer.
Sprecher Black Bavarian sounds good.

Good night, friends.

Le Sigh….

I am tired.
I am worn.
There is no place on my body that doesn’t hurt.

And I am hurt.

It’s no secret that I am a dancer.
I make it pretty damn clear that dance is important to me.
I feel like I make it clear that I would love for my friends and family to see me dance.

It’s a rare occasion that someone from outside of my dance circle comes to a show.
My in-laws have been to two performances.
My mother has seen one.
I made my husband come to my first recital.

I was part of a variety show that some friends *happened* to be at, so they got to see me dance.
I am not entirely sure that people watch the videos I post.
It’s not that I want them to love dance like I do. I don’t want them all to come to my classes (more on that in a bit).

I am standing here, waiving my arms, jumping up and down, yelling, “HEY GUYS; LOOK OVER HERE! I’M DOING SOMETHING COOL!”

Is it so bad that I want acknowledgement and encouragement?!

Apparently… yes.
Somehow that makes me selfish and needy.

Am I?

See?! I do cool shit!
Donna sword