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I’m back!

I’m back from vacation; look at some of the awesome photos I took!

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Another full moon…

It’s a full moon tonight, and I’m feeling pretty low, energy-wise.
I blame that, in part, on the weather. We’ve had on and off rain, snow, and drab for the last two months.
I am really, really tired of gray.

It rained a bit this evening, while I was in class, making it difficult to focus and keep up.
I am heavily affected by the weather, rain especially.

When it rains, my body just wants to shut down. I just want a warm blanket and a nap with my kittens.

3 hours of  dance class made me tired, too. So now I’m huddled under a throw, laptop and Banshee-cat on my lap, and a Schell’s Schmaltz’s Alt.
I kind of wish we had junk food in the house; I’m hungry, but I don’t have the drive to actually make food.

I can feel the next rain storm creeping in.
It’s supposed to be “thunder sleet”.
That’s just ducky.

I’ll probably call it an early night; I just don’t have any “oomph” left in me.

Good night, all.
Happy full moon.


One of the most relaxing things in (my) life is having a cat purr near or on you.

As I type this, my Wookie is sitting on my legs – doing that kneading thing cats do – going off like an out-board motor. I can hear her purr, and I can feel it vibrating through my legs. It’s like a mini-massage!

I have a bit of a hangover this morning. We decided to play a drinking game last night while watching The Fellowship of the Ring. We would take a shot (not a full shot, more like a small swig,  thankfully, or I may have needed medical attention by now) of Jameson every time Frodo gave Sam and endearing look or said “Oh, Sam.”
I was also drinking beer (Vine Park Brewery’s Black IPA, mmmm….).

Yeah, my head’s a little foggy.

So the fur-monster is a needed relief. She’s warm and soft and very calming.

I’m quite thankful for the little things.

This is how my kitties make me feel.


Another birthday has come and gone.
It was a good day – We had build-your-own sundaes at work, I had a great time at class, AND I got to hang out with good friends! I really wish it didn’t take a birthday to get us together, but I’ll take what I can get.

Class was amazing. It was 2 hours of totally kick-butt ATS(r). My arms are tired. So very tired. We learned the reach & sit and drilled that along with a few other moves. Eventually, I’ll be able to do the Turkish Shimmy 1/2 Turn without looking like a jackass. Eventually.

The bar was running a Twitter special – Mention it (the Twitter thing) and get a FREE pint of Murphy’s Irish Stout.
No strings attached. Free effin’ beer.
It’s nice to be good friends with the management… well, it’s nice to be sleeping with the liquor manager who also happens to be in charge of the social media/promotions/whatnot. My husband is pretty awesome.

It was a good time – as you can see below:

My *real* birthday celebration, though, will be on Sunday. It’s the third annual Bohemian Grove Workshop; I’ve signed up for several workshops, bought my ticket into the hafla, and just ordered my offical BG tshirt!

It’s late and I need to go to bed. I have to work in the morning (but, I do have a pass to come in late if I need to).

Some day, when I decide to grow up (a little), I might make the conscious decision to stop drinking so darn much in one evening.
We’re not talking binge-drinking, by the way, because I won’t do that. Hubby and I went and hung out with some friends that we haven’t seen in a while and kinda made a big night of it.
We grilled, we had some beers, watched a movie (“Wet Hot American Summer”). Then we drank some more.
My girlfriend is pregnant, so she had water and juice, then called it a night around 2330. We we there until just after midnight.

I did, however, make the decision to drink lagers, rather than stouts or reds. I drank several cans of New Belgium Shift. It’s very good… easy to drink, not filling, nice bready-flavor. I recommend it if you prefer something light.
And for a hot night like last night, it was perfect.
But, like I said, I drank several. I usually like to cap it at 3. I had 5.
So, not a binge, but definitely more than I should.

Now my head feels light.
There used to be this great hangover remedy called “Wake-up Call”. It was an Alka-seltzer product. Best darn thing for feeling better. Unfortunately, they recalled it.
Now, I use Alka-seltzer Plus Cold  formula. It helps with the intestinal distress and a bit on the head, but nowhere near what “Wake-up Call” did. At the very least, they could have repackaged it as a migraine medication. That stuff was awesome for migraine relief.
For now, though, I’ll sip my citrus-flavored fizzy water and relax for a bit before undertaking any huge projects.
I have some sewing I want to get done… the friends we visited yesterday are expecting their first baby in the fall – I have some baby blocks to put together. 🙂

Oh, and I managed to pop my knee out of place last night. Just for a brief moment.
I was starting to get up from my seat so the four of us could get ice cream – not Dairy Queen or mass-produced stuff, home-town creamery style. 🙂
As I unfolded my leg from under me, we all heard a crack. My pal in the kitchen thought his wife slapped my leg. Hubby, who was on the chair next to me, thought I smacked myself.
And then they saw my face.
I’m sure it was a sight to behold. It wasn’t quite as painful as I expected, but hurt enough for some tears.
Fortunately for me it wasn’t quite out of place… it just shifted enough to threaten.

I spent the rest of the evening in a brace or with an ice pack. It’s not badly bruised, mostly just a bit stiff and swollen.

Overall, though, the evening was great.
I enjoy spending time with those two. We’ve been friends for a long time, and they (so far) haven’t let time change who they are.

I’ve been busy helping out in wardrobe (and a bit of crew) with Al-Bahira’s production of “Ifrita Helwa” the last two nights. It’s a lovely experience, and I enjoy every minute of it.
The cast and crew are truly wonderful people.

Seriously, how beautiful is this?!

Today is the last day of the play. I only get to stay for the first half, then I get to rush home so hubby and I can scoot off to Turtle Lake, WI for a mini vacation. 🙂
I am super excited for this… I really need the downtime.

We’re doing a small beer fest-type get-together. One of our friend’s friends does some home brewing but, outside of that, the group is made of of small-town WI boys who drink pseudo-domestic, watered-down, light lagers.
We are bringing a large cooler full of micro-brews, local favorites, and specialty imports that we think will broaden some horizons.

I cannot wait!

Peace to you all.
I’ll see you when I get back!


Well… another Grand Old Day parade has come and gone.
I am tired, sore, and burnt.

And not just any kind of burn, oh no. I am LOBSTER-GIRL (duhn-duhn, dun!)

As a pasty north girl, of western European roots, I find it difficult, to say the least, to be out in the sun for extended hours.

I did apply sunscreen.
And, for the most part, it shows.
My face is only slightly pink. My legs and one arm are still a cool shade of pale.
But the one side that got most of the sun is, um….. fire-engine red. My left should and right over my left breast. You can clearly see where my sash covered, as the burn is at a nice angle.

But it was a great day. It was beautiful and sunny and warm.
And now I need a cold bath and a nap.


You can tell we we having fun.

A Lazy Day

Happy Wednesday, folks!

After a good (read: busy) day at work, I decided to skip the gym today and do a little yoga/stretching at home tonight. I also decided that tonight would be a good night to enjoy some quality beers.

So, first up: Fulton’s Sweet Child of Vine IPA.
It has a light, crisp, sweet tang to it that is simply delightful. And, if I might add, goes rather nicely with my spinach, feta, and garlic burger.

I haven’t decided on my next beer yet, we’ll see how long it takes me to write the post.

We have a new gal in the office. She’s a peach.
Also, she’s a little nerdy like me. We have already bonded over our love of Dr. Who. And we both got a giggle out of several of our office mates not knowing about the good Dr. 🙂

Our sensory analysis guy is out of the office this week, so our former department head is in covering for him. He’s a good guy – he even gave me a gift card to my favorite bar/restaurant!
Seriously, gang, my job and coworkers are awesome.

No tribal dance class tonight, which is a bummer. My instructor is out of town this week. And we’re in between sessions for Cabaret, so it’s a pretty lazy week for me extracurricular-wise. I’m ok with that, though; I’m pretty sure I need the break. After my kick-butt performance on Sunday, I’m a little wiped out.

I also need some time to plan my summer activities.
I’m the summer parades coordinator for my St. Patrick’s Day group. So I need to get all our dates down.

Busy, busy, busy.
Ok… short post today, I guess.
I’m going to finish my dinner and enjoy this IPA.

Um, yeah…. it’s just coffee. Nothin’ in here but coffee….. really.

~Blessed Be~