If you have chosen to live as a woman, you’re going to have to accept a few things:

1) Your experiences are going to be completely different that those of natural born women. This is not a bad thing. This does not make you more or lesser. This just is.

2) You will NEED to be a feminist – the feminist goal is NOT to bring anyone down, but to lift women UP. Stop acting like natural-born women are your enemy. Stop using MRA-style tactics to bring women down.

3) There are biological facts that [most] women experience. Menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause.
If you chose to live as a woman, you cannot (read: should not) fake these.  These are not glamorous. These are not pleasant.
These biological realities for women can be painful in many ways. “Pretending” to go through these is offensive.

There is much about womanhood that you will not and cannot understand or experience.
THAT is what makes a woman.
Not clothing or makeup or hobbies.

4) Wanting to live as a woman, but erase the word “woman” makes no sense. If you don’t want women to identify as women… why should you get to do so?
Don’t exclude women. Don’t erase them.
If you want to live as one, you need to ALLOW them to be themselves.

5) Calling myself a woman does not make you a lesser person. It is not meant to insult you. That is my biological reality.
I am in no way insulted if you call yourself a woman.

6) Do not call me “cis”. Cis is a chemistry term, and not a biology term. I am a woman – biologically female – unaltered. Cis is a hateful slur used to insult women by MEN who are fetishizing womanhood. I understand this is a small pocket of the trans community; that does not make it less derogatory.

I will call you a woman if that is your preference. Your desire to wear whatever clothes, and use whatever name you’d like is no offense to me. You are a human being, deserving of your right to live your life how you see fit.

But you also need to accept that I was born female. I have had to endure things that you will never know (on the flip-side, you will have gone through things I will never know).


My point is this:
[Most] Women are not trying to erase transwomen (or transmen, for that matter). Please don’t erase us.