Dancing with Adara Din

Kamala Chaand Dance Company is working really hard but it takes a village…. Dancers, you’re our village. Parents, you’re our village. Grandparents, you’re our village. Friends and neighbors, you are our village.

We’ve found the perfect new space, and now we need help getting it ready for Our Dancing Daughters!

We are beginning the program this month with the release of the scholarship application. The application will be made available to girls in the St. Paul area and will be for the school year starting September 2015.
It’s a pretty extensive application process for them and we also need time yet to be able to file our 501c3 and raise more funds in order to supply them with their curriculum and costuming requirements.
This is where you come in. Can you spare us $25? Maybe you’ve got $50 you want to throw our direction to help enrich the…

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