My troupe mates and I went to check out a potential new space for our dance studio. It’s an historic building, and old theater…. and it’s magnificent!

There are two spaces that we are currently hoping to get (I would really be happy in either space).
The first is an old ballet studio – excellent wood floors, mirrors are already up, big enough to hosts classes, workshops, and events.
The other is the theater.
There would be some work to be done if we got it. Floors would need to be installed, mirrors, etc. It has space for an office, storage, and there is a room large enough for private lessons that could double as classroom space (not dance class, but actual lecture/homework-type class).

The Our Dancing Daughters program would really benefit from either studio. We discussed the potential for having the girls usher, run concessions, or handle ticket sales (supervised, of course) while plays/shows/events go on.
And having non-KCDC/ODD/belly dance events would certainly help supplement income. It is a theater.

While we were touring the building – and getting super excited – we stood on the stage looking out toward the seats. It’s a large enough theater to have big events, but not so large to be intimidating.
While Tasha and the caretaker spoke, something out toward the front of the room caught my eye. It wasn’t much, a flash of…. light? No, it wasn’t bright enough to be light. A shapeless form that, at first glance, looked like it may have been a reflection off some of the hanging decorations. I stood there, staring, looking for it to happen again, but it didn’t.

Tasha and I talked about the space in the car, on our way to the coffee shop for a post-theater meeting with the others. She saw it, too, and definitely felt like there were more than just the 3 spirits for which the building is known. Oh? Didn’t I mention that? Yeah; the place is haunted.

I only saw the one thing, but I felt the others, for sure.

Not once did I feel uncomfortable.The theater was inviting and warm.
I really felt like we belonged there.
Like we could spruce it up and make it magical again.

I think the little girl, Mary, would love to see the ODD girls dancing.
I think she would like to learn, too.

Like I said, I would be happy with either space.
But I kinda really want the theater.