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The Type – Sarah Kay

There is power in words.
And thoughts.
And actions.
We are power.
We are women.

The Muse & Her Demons

If you grow up the type of woman men want to look at,
you can let them look at you. But do not mistake eyes for hands.

Or windows.
Or mirrors.

Let them see what a woman looks like.
They may not have ever seen one before.

If you grow up the type of woman men want to touch,
you can let them touch you.

Sometimes it is not you they are reaching for.
Sometimes it is a bottle. A door. A sandwich. A Pulitzer. Another woman.

But their hands found you first. Do not mistake yourself for a guardian.
Or a muse. Or a promise. Or a victim. Or a snack.

You are a woman. Skin and bones. Veins and nerves. Hair and sweat.
You are not made of metaphors. Not apologies. Not excuses.

If you grow up the type of woman men want to hold,
you can let…

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My cousin made me a shiny new hat (ooh, shiny!) for Christmas. I decided that I needed to wear it while I had my fantastic scarf.

The Ancient Greeks’ 6 Words for Love

“Looking for an antidote to modern culture’s emphasis on romantic love? Perhaps we can learn from the diverse forms of emotional attachment prized by the ancient Greeks.”

The Quiet in My Head

My dreams have been uncharacteristically silent for the last few days.

I just… haven’t had any.

It’s been strange; I’ve had so many nights of traumatic, horrible nightmares. And now, there’s nothing.
I would have expected to have even more, terrible dreams since the accident, but it’s been radio silence since.

Despite how awful they can be, I rely on my dreams pretty heavily. Within the wicked madness, I can usually find some bit of insight that I am supposed to take with me.
I sort of feel like I’m in a void right now.

Not that I want the terror back soon, but I’d really like more than darkness.
I want a good dream.
A happy dream.



I’ve been pretty busy getting  my Adara Din blog up and running; I feel like I’ve neglected Searching For Brigid a bit.
It’s also this time of year, so I’ve had a lot on my plate on the home-front.

We were in a minor car accident last night… nothing terrible, and only our car was involved.
I’m pretty sore, but I’m not broken or even bruised. The car, however, is quite unhappy. There’s some cosmetic damage (dented front and rear bumpers), and the alignment is off, but we were able to drive home without too many issues.

Fortunately, hubby’s parents are able to give up a vehicle for the next few days until we can get his into the shop.

I’m going to go rest now.
Blessed Yule, everyone!

Taken from

This is a time of rest. As the night is long and the days are short it becomes a time of self healing and rejuvenation. As mother Earth has tucked herself in, so should you. It is perfectly fine to allow yourself the time to heal and relax that is necessary.

This is also known as the Yule Moon, as it usually falls right before the Yule celebrations begin. Take time for reflection on the past year. Honour all that you have learned and mentally clear out what you no longer need. Enjoy the long night as it is a time of peace on Earth and a great time of personal healing.

Whether you celebrate Yule, Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza, it is a time of peace and love, to all mankind and to the creatures of the earth. Do not forget to put out food for our animal friends as food is getting scarce and all life is sacred, this becomes a good time to honour all life.

This is also the time of fellowship, when friends come together and new friends are made. When the prosperous help support those who struggle, there is no greater joy than the sharing of what you have with those who have not.

In the native belief, the time of the moon covered from one month to the next, so it was not just one day, it was the cycle of the moon. So there was always plenty of time to do what needed to be done in that time. So do not think that you only have one day to honour, celebrate, meditate and rest. Spend the whole month doing so. Allow yourself the time to rest and repair. But also allow yourself time to celebrate and share.

There are no set rules to honour this time of year, there are many customs and beliefs, but you should do what your heart feels is right. Your guides can help you or you can follow the tradition of your choice. In my home we honour all, I will set up for Yule, we will have a tree, I will light the candles of the menorah, I believe all holidays have a valid point or they would not exist. Besides it is fun to study others beliefs, helps me to be more understanding, then any judgment or fear of someone else’s beliefs fade away and I continue to grow. So on that note, I shall bid you adieu, from this moon ’til the next, many blessings to you and yours.


And this is from:

Tonight is a Full Moon it is called the Cold Moon or the Before Yule Moon.
This is an especially special Full Moon because it is the last one of this year. It is a time to use the Moonlight to charge our energies ready for coming Yule and the New Year.
This particular Full Moon will not be boring and will have an unpredictable vibe along with it. What was stuck may suddenly begin to move or shift. If emotions are clogged, they may surface and flow.
Allow this.
Be with it as loving as possible with your self and others.
The potential of the Full Moon in Gemini is to become aware of where you are engaging in dualistic thought, emotions and behaviors on auto-pilot. This may be generating a lot of mental stress and tension plus sending out mixed signals to others and the Universe. Some people may be irritable and cranky.
Emotions can be raw and urgent.
Breathe deeply.
Ground yourself.
Keep a sense of humor.
Be of good cheer.
Be the calm in the storm.
Get in the driver seat and empower yourself.
Be honest with yourself.
Stop arguing for your limitations.
Take responsibility for your life. In this way, you can change what is not working. You are the master of your destiny.
Take your power back from society and/or other people.
Learn from your mistakes.
Vow to do better next year.
Make a commitment to your success.
Be adaptable.
Make friends with change. It is not the enemy. Change is your friend. Change sheds the old and gives birth to the new.
With Yule and New year approaching look deep into yourself and ask what you want to happen in the coming year, ask yourself how you will bring it about. Make this the year that you make all your dreams come true. The energy from this Full Moon wants you to succeed. Tell the Moon your hopes and dreams write them down on paper and burn them by a white candle. As the smoke drifts to the heavens the universe will receive your message. Have a blessed Full Moon.
May the Goddess watch over you.

Dancing with Adara Din

**REBLOG – This is not mine**

When We Dance, We Are Free
December 16, 2013 by Paulo Coelho

When we dance, we are free. To put it better, our spirit can travel through the universe, while our body follows a rhythm that is not part of the routine.

In this way, we can laugh at our sufferings large or small, and deliver ourselves to a new experience without any fear.

While prayer and meditation take us to the sacred through silence and inner pondering, in dance we celebrate with others a kind of collective trance.

They can write whatever they want about dancing, but it is no use: you have to dance to find out what they are talking about.

Dance to the point of exhaustion, like mountain-climbers scaling some sacred peak. Dance until, out of breath, our organism can receive oxygen in a way that it is not used…

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So tired… so busy…

Not only do I have to navigate the busy that is “The Holidays”, but I have Something Tribal coming up.

December is crunch-time.
Vendors need to be set.
Sponsors need to be set.
Advertisers and advertisements need to be set.


We have a show this weekend, then we’re off a week, then we have a show on the 28th.

I’ve been thoroughly neglecting myself in all this and I need time… and space.
I need a quiet place for reflection and meditation.
I need a nap.

Here’s to serenity, my lost friend.
Here’s to sleep.
Here’s to taking a little time
To finally counting sheep.

Good night, internet friends!

Faery wisdom

The Adara Din blog is up!

If you’re wondering (even if you’re not) where my dance-posts have gone/are going, wonder (or don’t) no more!

Go here: Dancing With Adara Din

I moved a lot of my old stuff, and just added a new blog post today.
Check it out, follow, whatevz.

That’s me, tonight, right before a show. 🙂