Something that happened while I got ready for work this morning brought a flash of a memory of a dream.
It was something that I had apparently shuffled to the back of my brain, hoping to forget it.

I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

It struck me so hard that I have found myself on the verge of a panic attack since. And I can’t seem to shake it.

What could affect me so deeply?
Fearing that the people I love most will leave me.
In the dream, someone communicated with my loved ones that I was “toxic”, and should be left to my own misery instead of bringing it to them.

And they did.
Everyone left; including my cats.
Every. Single. One.

I had nothing and no one.

I worry that my negativity brings down the people around me.I do my very best not to let it spill out into the open, because that last thing I want is to infect others with my bad vibes.