Another little short….

The Muse & Her Demons

“Shit; this place is packed.”

“I’m not surprised, DeeDee. I mean, it is a Friday night.”

“Yeah, but… I thought you said this would be a low-key deal. You know that I hate crowds.”

“Nah; don’t worry about it. We’ll be off to the side in the other room, not in the bar.”

“Ugh, fine. But, seriously, Beccs, if I get manhandled, I’m coming after you.”


The girls made their way to the side room of the bar, the kind of room reserved for large parties and fundraisers.
There were several small tables set up so that everyone could see the guest speakers talk about whatever it was they were there for.

“Why are we here, by the way?”

“Look, sweetie, I’m a HUGE fan of this guy’s work. I want to meet him. See? I even have a picture for him to sign.”

“We’re over 30. Aren’t you…

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