The stars were out and the night was warm.
I was standing alone in the backyard.

I held a small piece of black ribbon in my hand and fireflies danced through the grass. I could hear the crickets and frogs singing their night songs.

Then, suddenly, it all stopped.
There was nothing.

A colony of bats erupted from behind me and flew overhead. I watched them until they disappeared, their wings beating erratically.

The ground began to vibrate.
And then shake.

I could barely stand, it was so violent, but I couldn’t run to the house.


The ground in front of me shifted and a hole opened up, threatening to swallow me.
I did not move.

Looking down into the abyss, it was a swirl of colors – red, orange, blue and black.
It spiraled down like a whirlpool.

I could feel an updraft on my face, hot and wet.

The ribbon began to slip from my hand and I tried to hold it tighter.
It felt like it was being pulled from me.

The ground opened up further, pulling me in.

I didn’t even struggle. I just didn’t want to let go of the ribbon.
It was dark and quiet as I fell.

I felt nothing but the sensation of falling and the warm, damp air around me.

It felt like an eternity of nothingness.

And then I woke up.