I’m been trying to focus on writing, which isn’t all that easy for me anymore.
I used to write all the time.

Short stories, mostly. Stories without proper endings that left you hanging at a hook (though, most everything was fairly cliched and predictable – I’m not a good writer, mind you.)

Usually, I would have a dream and need to get it out of my head.
I filled notebooks and post-it pads.

I wrote a lot.

Until a few years ago, when I was too busy working 12-14 hour shifts at the art gallery.
I didn’t have time.
I wasn’t really dreaming.
The few dreams I had were awful and I didn’t want to remember them.

My life is a bit more relaxed now, though so I thought I’d try to get back into it.
I started a secondary blog, which is very small at the moment.
I hope to fill it up as my brain gets going again.

I have only a handful of shorts in there, and a few that are started, but not published.

I don’t work in a very linear way…

I dream, I jot, I type.
I leave it alone.
Sometimes, I’ll dream again and jot some more.
Other times, I’ll just go back to it and expand or delete – there’s a lot of deleting.
I edit story by story, in no particular order.
And, when I finally feel like it means… I don’t know… something, then I’ll hit the publish button.

Typing into a blog is nice, because I go through far fewer pencils and a lot less paper.

If you feel like checking out a few contrived, predictable (and not very good) stories, check it out.