Just a little something I threw together….

The Muse & Her Demons

She woke up to the sound of rain on the window.
The pounding in her head (from the copious amounts of booze at last night’s party) and the churning in her stomach were enough to make her swear off drinking – again.

It was a good party, though.
All the pretty people were there – actors, singers, poets, politicians, brokers and dealers. If you were “it”, you were there.

On the day she got the invitation, she thought she has finally made it.
All her hard work.
All the backroom deals, and shady business.
Finally, someone recognized her talent.

She spent weeks trying to find the perfect dress.
Black with lace at the shoulders. If was light and flowy; she had no need for the body-hugging leather that many others in her profession chose to wear.
She felt it was unbecoming and, frankly, a bit cliche.

She strolled between conversations…

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