A few years back, I found a college friend on Facebook and dropped him a line that it would be fun to get together for a drink and catch up. I received a short, abrupt response requesting that I never contact him again.

I wasn’t looking for anything besides a chat with an old friend,  so I was a bit hurt as what I assumed his assumption was; but I respected his wishes, and barely thought about him since.

Until yesterday…

I got an email from him, saying he was a “free” man and would like to take me up on the drinks offer.

My reply was what anyone would expect. I was shocked, hurt again, and unsure of how to take his invitation. Now that he was “free”, was he looking for action?
His wrote that he wasn’t looking for that. He just got out of a relationship with his ex-fiance, the mother of his child. She had apparently asked his to cut ties with people like me, to which he complied.

Still… weird.

I have plans to meet him this weekend for brunch.
I just don’t know what to expect.