A Facebook friend recently posted a link to this Blogspot post.

I shared the post, truly believing that this woman was doing something right and good for her sons.
One of my male friends was slightly offended because – and I will agree with him slightly – this mother is making it sound like if she does not intervene now, her sons WILL rape.

Now, I refuse to be one of those women who assumes that every man out there wants to have sex with me, forcibly or not.
I refuse to be a perpetual victim of fear.
Yes, there are plenty of men (and women, too) out there that would rape me. There are plenty of folks out there that would stand by and do nothing if they saw it happen.

But I refuse to cower in the house, to avoid going out to bars, to assume that every stranger is a danger.

I am a grown woman.

But this mom, you see, is a grown woman, too.
She knows that statistically speaking, 91% of rape victims are female. 99% of rapists are male. (US Census 2008)

My friend also brought up that he thought is strange that this woman would speak so directly to boys so young. My thoughts on this are that she’s not really addressing her ‘current’ sons, but rather the men they will become. She’s probably also not going to show them her blog post when they’re old enough to understand it. This blog (much like blogs for many of us) is a vent for her, a way to reflect on society and how it affects her and her family. And, I hate to say it, it is quite fashionable these days to write about rape culture in this kind of narrative.

You see, many parents want to think that they are raising their children to love and respect others. Specifically, mothers want their little boys to be strong men who don’t hurt women.
Not every mother gets that, regardless of how hard she tries.

Overall, I like what this woman wrote. It’s not a letter to her boys; it’s a promise.
She’s promising to teach them to love and respect.
She’s promising to be accountable for (some of) their adult behaviors.
She’s promising to love them….

And to kick their asses if they dare hurt another human being.

You go, Mom!