Kind of a re-blog, though it’s not a WordPress blog.
I was recently directed to this particular post by several friends on Facebook. This is simply amazing, so I’m going to recommend you read it.

As an empath, I am deeply affected by people’s moods. Whether or not they want to share, or if they think they’re hiding it, I can feel it – anxiety, anger, sadness, and most other energies. Anxiety hits me the hardest, though. That electricity that surrounds you starts to surround me, making me anxious for no reason, which makes me more anxious, because I shouldn’t be (if that makes sense).

I can’t always pinpoint who it emanates from, but I can usually tell the moment I walk into a room if someone is uncomfortable.

Part of the reason why I don’t like the bar-hopping crowd anymore is because drunks can make me physically ill with their bad juju.

So, please, be aware of your energy, especially when working with children, those who are sick, and those of us who are ultra-sensitive to aura.

Happy Beltaine!

Happy Beltaine, everyone!