A few weeks ago – three, actually –  we hashed out a schedule for rehearsals. Rehearsal being time – not in class – when the troupe members can dance together.
Rehearsal time is time to plan ahead – not just for the immediate future, but for the further-out performances. It’s time for troupe-mates to actually practice dancing together.

Rehearsal night, in my head, should be mandatory. We, as a troupe, need to be familiar enough with each others’ dancing that we can anticipate movements. It’s truly important that we not only know the songs we use, but also each other.

Our classes are Wednesday and Friday. I have my Orientale class on Thursday. Performances are usually Friday or Saturday.

I really wanted rehearsal  night to be Monday or Saturday. Unfortunately, due to the student troupe member’s family schedule, those days wouldn’t work. She wanted Thursday, but I already have class that night (plus, that’s one of hubby’s only nights off). So we picked Tuesday.
KCDC performance troupe would meet 530-630, Sohalia Tribal (the student troupe) would meet 7-8.

The first week, student was super late. She showed up at 7:30.
Last week, we called it, because she was out of town and I had hockey tickets.
Tonight, she just didn’t come.
Apparently, she wasn’t aware that we had a performance on Saturday. I know we talked about it in class. She got the Facebook invite (and selected “maybe”, which means that it has been on her calendar). And we talked about it when we made the schedule. She does’t recall any of that.

Fortunately, we’re going to be revising the student and troupe guidelines to make it very, very clear that rehearsals are required.  And that performers MUST be at the rehearsal the week of an event. You miss it, you don’t dance.

This behavior is pretty typical of her. She’s fairly indifferent about things.
She shows up to class late… and performances, too.
She hasn’t taken level one in months, and it’s important to keep taking it so that you can go back to basics and hone those skills.

I give her some lee-way, though, because she has kids and has to work around her hubby’s schedule. She has a part-time job repping chocolates, but that doesn’t really take her away from dance things.

Now… I get it.
Not everyone is dedicated to dance.
I am super-dedicated to dance.
Tasha is super-dedicated.
Student is not. And it’s frustrating.

When we get more students, it’s going to be frustrating for them. It’ll also be a distraction, and a bad example.

I have a feeling some shit is going to go down.
Tasha’s ready to boot her from the troupe. And I know she can tell that Tasha is upset.
I feel anxious about it, but change needs to happen.