It’s a full moon tonight, and I’m feeling pretty low, energy-wise.
I blame that, in part, on the weather. We’ve had on and off rain, snow, and drab for the last two months.
I am really, really tired of gray.

It rained a bit this evening, while I was in class, making it difficult to focus and keep up.
I am heavily affected by the weather, rain especially.

When it rains, my body just wants to shut down. I just want a warm blanket and a nap with my kittens.

3 hours of  dance class made me tired, too. So now I’m huddled under a throw, laptop and Banshee-cat on my lap, and a Schell’s Schmaltz’s Alt.
I kind of wish we had junk food in the house; I’m hungry, but I don’t have the drive to actually make food.

I can feel the next rain storm creeping in.
It’s supposed to be “thunder sleet”.
That’s just ducky.

I’ll probably call it an early night; I just don’t have any “oomph” left in me.

Good night, all.
Happy full moon.