KCDC danced at the Women’s Drum Center Red Tent event last night, then we had 3 hours of classes.
The event was a really empowering thing to be at. The space was warm and welcoming, the ladies were really good at drumming. The only kick is that… well, as dancers, we feed off the music. But as drummers, they were feeding off of us. It lead to a rather dramatic super-fast drumming session – too fast me me to keep up.

Still, it was really great to be a part of that.


Thankfully, hubby simmered down and apologized (with tacos!)

He admitted that he was being irrational, but was very good about letting me know that he has boundaries regarding our home. I totally respect that.
We made a deal that I would not have *a* friend (meaning one, regardless of gender, but parties are ok) that late at night. I can definitely handle that. He’s cool with me hanging out with individuals, but he needs our home to be his haven.

Communication is a huge problem for us. Really, I’d say it was our only problem.
When he gets frustrated or angry, he shuts down.
I, however, need a good cry and then “together” time.

We just process differently.
But we’re working on it.

4 am tacos are great. 4 am apology tacos are better.
But… I was up at 4 am to eat tacos, then we watched Scream 3 and went to bed around 7.
I was up at 12.
I have to dance tonight.

Oh, and I shoveled the sidewalks yesterday, so my back hurts.


Power nap it is!