I have had a rough past couple of days.

Hubby’s pissed at me because… well, I’m not entirely sure what his reason is.
Realistically, I guess he could be mad that I was hanging out my a friend super late (though, we were at the house, and not out at a bar).
Is he mad because this is a male friend?
Because we hung out until 2 am?
Because we were alone in the house until hubby got home?

I don’t know if it’s one, or all, or what.

This friend has been a friend for years… but, please note, there’s no romantic relationship. Ever.
He has a girlfriend, who I like a lot. She’s really sweet.
And, get this, he likes her, too. Not me. He doesn’t have a thing for me.
We are friends, and only that.

But I can’t get hubby to see that.
Maybe I just haven’t given him reason enough to trust me?

Is that it?
Have I wronged him so badly, that I am undeserving of trust?

On the lighter side of things, KCDC danced at the Women’s Drum Center Red Tent event. It was an hour of free-style drumming and dancing. There was a woman there who recited an original poem – very spoken word style – that was powerful. She had beautiful stage presence.
And there was a bit of hippy-drum-jam-dancing. You know what I mean: The flail about slowly, like a rag doll in water kind of dancing. I’ve been told that it’s called “tofu ballet”.

We had three hours of immersion class, too, tonight. And there was a pretty good turn out. There were four of us, plus Tasha.
On gal has, thus far, only learned belly dance via video. Another had years of different dance classes – flamenco, ballet, tap, jazz. The third was one of our regular students, getting back into the swing of things post-illness.

So, it was a pretty good night, but my body needs a break… at least until tomorrow when we dance at The Gathering.