Recently, a Dove campaign video has been going around. The up-front message is one of hope.
But, as this Tumblr points out, there’s still an underlying message that beauty is all that matters.

This is probably one of the most well-written articles I have read regarding the Dove campaign.

d1 pic 1 photo See? Classy!Gathering of the Gypsies 1.19.2013 makeup

These are all me.
Some are old, some new, some are “altered”, some are naturally me.
All of them are beautiful.
But I am more than that.

I am a dancer, an activist, a hard-worker.
I laugh and cry and sing and get angry.
I play video games and read books. I cuddle with my kittens.
I love my husband.

It shouldn’t be about my face and body.
I am more than the physical.