I had another trippy dream last night – though this one is far less bizaar.

My troupe was at a gig. This was an outdoor, festival-type, tent party; it reminded my a lot of renaissance faires.
The “stage” area was just an open space between several tents, with loads of people walking by.

I don’t actually recall the music… if it was live or recorded.

I do know that the first song was a slow one.
Keep in mind that the movements for slow, in the ATS (r) vocabulary are very specific.
One of our dancers, who was up in lead position, wasn’t doing anything. Then, the movements she made weren’t right. It was awkward and frusterating. My troupe leader and I kept looking at each other and trying to get her to step off stage or reliquish the lead, but she wouldn’t.

It was like she was in a trance-y daze.

When, finally, she got off stage, the two of us finished our set as if nothing happened.
People started asking us what happened, but before either of us could reply, I woke up.

Just weird.