Tonight was the first night of The Guild Of Oriental Dance’s “A Celebration of Dance”  annual show and workshop weekend. Performances are tonight and tomorrow night (Friday/Saturday), and workshops will be Saturday and Sunday. I was really, really looking forward to this weekend. There are 2 workshops, in particular, that I wanted to take.

Despite getting some great compliments on our dancing tonight, I don’t particularly feel like I did that great. Mind you, I am sick. I don’t know what’s up (yet), but I’ve been struck by some sort of ick since yesterday afternoon – fyi, the hallucinations last night were a trip.

I knew I wouldn’t be 100% tonight, but I felt like dancing would help make me feel better (or at least forget about it for a while). And, I also made a commitment to this dance and to my troupe. I’m not dead, dying, or even in a hospital. I figure, if I can move about freely, I can probably dance.

But at what point do I become a detriment? I don’t want my sub-par dancing to reflect poorly on the dance (no matter what dance I do) or my teacher(s).
When do you “call it”? At what point are you too sick to dance?


Because of the lighting, you can’t actually see how pale (yeah, I can be more pale) I am. I couldn’t regulate my body temperature at all.


Guild Annual Show 2013