I have been really, really busy lately. my Saturdays are booked clear through April and into May.
It’s really an honor to be part of the performance troupe. I mean, I know I still have a LONG way to go to be as good as Tasha, but I really do feel validated.

I’ve been dancing for almost 8 years, though the majority of that has been Orientale.
I love cabaret. It’s graceful and sinewy and gooey.
And I love ATS (r). It’s folky and earthy and, well, tribal.
Which is not to say that each style doesn’t have aspects of the other in it, because they certainly do; they are sister dances, after all. Um… maybe more like cousins. Similar, but very different in some ways.

My focus lately, though, has definitely been on the tribal style dance. I have classes on Wednesday and Friday and performances Saturdays. We fit in rehearsal time on Mondays and Tuesdays if we can. Thursday nights are my cabaret class. Sundays I get to sleep – thankfully. 🙂

And I can truly see the progress I’ve made in tribal. With Orientale, I’ve sort of hit a plateu – but let me note that I am not bored at all. I enjoy the classes, the teacher is phenomenal  and the other students are amazing.

I know part of it is a time thing, too. I’ve been doing traditional for so long, and tribal for just over a year. Early on, I know, it is easier to see progression. So far in, it’s less about learning new stuff, but more about honing and developing.

I’m really trying to avoid burning out, too.  My schedule has changed so dramatically since I started tribal classes. First, I doubled my class nights, then it tripled. Now, I have clases AND performances. And workshops.

::Deep breath::

I love dancing. It keeps me grounded and I can feel the Earth under my feet – it sounds so simple that way, but it’s not that simple.
I feel…. connected.