Through one of my Facebook friends, a real-life acquaintance, I found myself reading the Tumblr page ‘It’s Okay to Be Smart‘, featuring a brilliant blog about the Facebook page ‘I F**king Love Science’.

I found the post wonderful. When I found out that the Facebook page author was woman, I was like, “Ok; that’s cool. CAn we get back to the awesome science stuff now?”
To know that people would be astonished or amazed or confused that a woman would 1)enjoy science, 2)post incredibly smart AND funny science facts, and 3)ZOMG BOOBZ!!!!

What the fuck, world?!
Simmer down.
Guys AND girls can enjoy science.

Cheese and rice, kids.

Anyway, you should hop to the link above and read the article. It’s well written, especially since the blogger is a man. See that? See how that doesn’t make sense? Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Go read it.
You might like it.

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