I don’t feel bad or anything… I just don’t feel good.

It’s not even a melancholy feeling.
I just feel, I don’t know, tired.

For the past few days, I haven’t been able to get warm. I have been constantly hungry.
I haven’t had much of a drive to do anything.

I mean, I have things I want to do. I even started some stuff.
But I just can’t seem to finish anything.

I think I just need to nap. I would totally sleep in tomorrow, too, except that we got a few inches of snow and I need to move my car off the front street and move it around the side so I don’t get towed.
I was actually really surprised that St. Paul declared a snow emergency – until I saw the residential streets. Ugh, what a friggin’ mess! Icy ruts and mounds of packed snow. I couldn’t even get into the garage from the last bit of plowing.


Well… I get to rest up tomorrow. Nothing big until the evening.
I go out, move cars, and go right back to bed.