So, on Tuesday I got a parking ticket.
It really was a dumb mistake; I misread the parking sign. I thought it said “No Parking 6am to 2pm Except by permit”. It really said 6pm to 2am.

A minor thing, the ticket was paid yesterday (the earliest I could pay it).
There are no excuses here, I eff’d up. I had no issues paying the $34.

But tonight….

Tonight my car got towed.
Apparently I was too close to an alley or drive way. I guess the rule in Minneapolis is 5 feet.
So I was towed. And ticketed.
No my poor hubby has to bring me to get my car in the morning, pushing back his bed time . He works at a bar, so this would be the equivalent of me going to bed at 2 or 3 rather than 10 or 11.

I feel lucky, though, as the charges are reasonable.
All that and it doesn’t break $200.
It’s not a small amount of change, but it’s not going to break the bank.

But, as I think about it,  I wonder what I did.
Is karma coming for me?
Did I wrong someone?

How can I cleanse myself of this bad luck?

All things considered, I had a pretty good night. I learned the mechanics of “the double back”, a movement that has eluded me. Now I just need to smooth it out.
Work on my technique.
Stay in performance angle.
Practice spins, and keep my feet closer together so I don’t drift so much when I dance.

I got this.

Now I just have to go get my car.
And an eye exam.