One of my cousins raises and shows rabbits. She recently posted this picture, and I guess there’s another litter on the way.
Totally squeedorable!

I really wish I was closer to that side of my family. When my parent’s divorced, I really didn’t spend much time with dad’s side. And, this particular branch of the family lives in MO. It’s just far enough away that it’s inconvenient for those of us with regularly-houred (Is that even a phrase? I guess it is now.) jobs have to actually plan trips – which generally doesn’t happen. We tend to see each other on Facebook or at funerals.

This cousin, and her sister, are fairly close to my age, so you’d think that we’d have something in common to bond us. And we do have a few things: Animals, tattoos (bunny cousin is an artist), love of books and movies.
But nothing has ever really clicked with us.

And I have tried reaching out… kind of. Staying connected is hard.