I am very sorry, dear, that I reacted so strongly to your mood. It was dramatic and uncalled for.
However, I do not apologize for reacting.

Your sour mood, caused me quite a bit of discomfort.
Knowing that your mood was caused by something I did, or rather, did not do, did not make it easier.

You must understand that I work in an office.
Monday through Friday 830-430, I sit (or stand) at my desk. I file, sort, copy, scan, email, process and communicate 95 percent of my day.
To try to find time for personal projects is not easy.
It is also not easy to sit on hold for 15 minutes waiting to hear from some “customer service representative” while I have my desk phone ringing and IMs from the staff blinking on my screen.

And to be told that I could NOT do wha I was calling about did not help.

So, I am truly sorry that I did not accomplish the thing you asked me to.
But I feel I have a good reason why it did not happen.
I tried.

Why isn’t that enough for you, dear?
When you get that “I’m disappointed in you” mood, you remind me of my mother. In this case, that is NOT a good thing.
You have made me feel unwanted and worthless.
And I cannot abide that.

But I was wrong to storm around the way I did.
Crying alone was no adult way to react.
So I am sorry.