I’m finally building my first ever coin bra!

I’ve done tribaret-style bras before. I even attempted AmCab – unsuccessfully.
But this will be my first really, really for-realsies ATS bra.

I am really excited, but also under a HUGE time crunch.
I need to finish it by next weekend (Jan 31).

I took me about an hour to hand-stitch the left side fabric trim. I figure it should be about the same for the right side.
Ok, there’s two hours.
Now figure in the coins. There aren’t many, probable 6-8 on each side. And the large medallion in the center. Plus some chain that will drape the cups themselves (but not drape down into my stomach).
And I have to add new straps.
My guess is 8-10 hours total. Which is what I expected.
I’ll have a good chunk of time this weekend to work on it, so, hopefully, I can get the majority of it finished, if not the whole thing, then.

Coin Bra mockup