It was SPA happy hour tonight – onthe 17th of every month, my Irish “family” gets together for a little get-together. We hit up a different place each month. This month was a small group of people. Only 6 showed up, but it was great. We’re the “older” kids, so we could bond over that.

I love my St. Pat’s people.
They deal with the same b.s. that I do.
The drama, the catty princesses, the red tape. They get it.

These are some of my best friends.

And now I’m home.

I had class tonight. We started our new, 8-week, winter session for Egyptian/AmCab. Shimmy layers, veil work, it was awesome.
I love veil work.
It’s so graceful and flowy (is that even how you spell it?) and delicate. Things that I am generally not.
I wish I could incorporate more veil into my ATS dance.
Veil is stunning and dynamic.

Also… I may be a tiny bit intoxicated.
That’s a hard thing to type when you’ve had several oatmeal-coffee stouts.
FYI – Hinterland Coffee Stout is total amazebawlz.

Three pints shoudln’t hit me so hard, but I’ve been fairly dry.
I hit it kinda hard during my trip to the Dells, but I haven’t had this kind of quantity of beer in weeks. Because I was sick, I didn’t drinl at all for, like, 3 weeks. Then, I was at 1 beer a week.

Tonight was 3 pints in 2.5 hours.
I feel good-drunk.
Not, I’m gunna puke or anything.
Just… I feel good.
And hungry.

Luckily, I have the greatest husband in the world.
He’s making me breakfast right now – eggs, hamm, potatoes.
I love him.

And now we’re watching “The Rescuers”. Not the ‘Down under’ bullshit. Oh, no.
We’re talkin’ dark, depressing, and exciting, pre-Little Mermaid.
Total win.

Gotta watch now.
And eat.
Good night friends.