There’s this really awesome company, Opinicus Soaps, that makes the most wonderful bath and body products. All are natural, some are vegan, EVERYTHING is fantastic.

I first found Opinicus at the Chippewa Valley Rennaissance festival, in the spring of 2011. I usually don’t go near the lotion shops at faires, because most of the time, I end up sick. I have an allergy to crap artificial fragrances and really sensitive skin. Even walking past Bath & Body Works in the malls can turn my lips purple. Trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

But… I could smell such delicious smells and I didn’t die! Scented lotions, lip blams, soaps… all the things I hadn’t been able to have. Natural. Organic.

A little extra awesome? They’re in my city, only minutes from my house!
That certainly helps when I need last minute Christmas gifts. Not that, um, I would, ah, ever delay purchasing gifts for anyone… or something….

I always get great service, some one-on-one demos, and a heads-up on new stuff.
Like the new Salt Scrubs. Holy crap are those great!
I picked up a lavender scrub, and let me tell you: My hands feel wonderful. My feet, too.

I’m a huge fan of the mint lip balm (chocolate-bacon flavor is in the works, fyi). I need to get more next time I order for myself.

The cold-pressed soaps are great, too. The first I got was an oatmeal/almond. It smelled good, lathered up nicely on hand towels, and kept my skin feeling hydrated. It was also very chunky. I would recommend it for exfoliating, for sure.

The lavender-goat’s milk soap is also pretty fantastic.


I have also tried the unscented lotion. It’s creamy and soft and not too oily.
I buy lavender lotion for my pregnant pals and they seem to really enjoy it.

The new body washes, too, are great. They are frothy and clean and smooth. I haven’t purchased one yet…. but my order is coming soon.



There’s also the anti-crack salve (which I also get for preggos).

Next order, I’ll be getting some Happy Feet intensive lotion. As a dancer, I really should have this -or both – in my bag at all times.




Now, I hear, they’re making a pain-relieving salve. I will need that.

I am a BIG fan of Opinicus. Seriously, if you are looking for lotions, salves, balms, and/or soaps, go there.