Maybe it’s because I’m sick, but I really don’t feel like celebrating. I don’t particularly feel like today is any different from any other day… other than that I have a Tuesday off from work). I still have chores to do, bills to pay, responsibilities to which I must attend.

Even today, while I try (really, really, try) to relax a bit and not overdo it, I still have to wash my dishes, swap out laundry, and clean litter boxes. I have a new craft table  – thanks, mom! – to put up, so I can maybe get some crafting done. I’d like to supplement my monthly income with some sales, though I am not particularly sure of what. I have some sewing skills, which are getting better. I’ve seen the market, and it’s response to belly dance related gear, and I feel like that is a bit over-saturated. Then there’s the cost analysis – materials, time, skill level. Ugh.

I was just going over my January expenses. I have new dance class sessions starting up, things to save for, and whatnot. It’s eating into my spending money.
In a big way.

See, hubby and I give ourselves an allotment of cash each month, based off of spending habits from previous months. The check card is only used for essentials – gas, groceries, etc. – and emergencies. Over November (the start) and December, I managed to spend the ENTIRE amount. This was the plan, yes, but I really thought I would be able to control my spending enough to have some set aside so that January wouldn’t be so tight. I also kinda thought I would have more Christmas cash, but I guess that’s the price you pay for getting older.

I kicked off using my new dance name by setting up a “Student Dancer Fan Page” on Facebook. If I happen to meet people at events and whatnot, I can refer them to that. This should help keep the creepers at bay, and hopefully, drum up interest in Aalim School and KCDC. While I grow, I’d like to see my teachers and schools continue to succeed.