I need to preface this by saying that I really do enjoy the holidays.

I really hate the holidays.
I am exhausted. I can’t get normal, every day-type errands done because people at the malls and in the grocery stores are so damn angsty.
I just want to yell, “Chill the fuck out, dudes. It’s not that bad.” and “For the love of Pete, lady, put your child on a leash before it runs out into traffic and gets run over.” and “Young lady, I cannot imagine why on Earth you think it’s ok to speak to your mother like that, but I swear to gawd if you don’t stop I right now, I will find out how to get a hold of your Grandmother and I guarantee she will put a stop to this.”

What. Thefuck. Is wrong with people?

Another thing that I dislike about this time of year is that I always seem to be sick. And it’s not usually a stressed out kind of sick. Typically, it’s an allergy-based sick. All the scented candles and pinecones kill me (I am allergic to artificial fragrances, so yes, it could potentially kill me). Also, the cold weather makes people slather on cologne and perfume heavier than usual. Ick.

This year, though, for the first time in well over a decade, I have the flu. This wouldn’t be a problem, except that everyone else in my department (read: 2 of 3 people) was out Monday and today. That left me handling my job, some of my boss’s job and a part of the other gal’s job. Fortunately, it was slow-ish due to the holiday. But I’m already kind of busy, so throwing on even a bit is draining. Topping that with a pretty sweet, low and raspy voice and the occasionall oh-so-sexy sniffle and BAM! Worst Christmas Eve ever.

Thankfully, my office mates are amazing. They made me tea, steared clear of my office unless necessary, and pretty much left me alone.
Today was much the same: Tea in the morning, left alone all day. But I didn’t get to leave 2 hours early today – which was fine, I had shit to do.

I’m just tired and sore. And I feel like my throat is actually trying to escape.
Wow… I don’t think I’ve ever coughed so hard that I have simultaneously needed to puke AND pee at the same time (and almost did! Sorry, TMI, huh?)

Onwards and upwards!

I got a new vendor to sign on for Something Tribal, which is super exciting. I would really have like to get more – or some sponsors.
If any of you want to ride the awesome Tribal train that is Something Tribal This Way Comes, we have a few days left for vending, advertising, and sponsorship registration. There are also a few days left to get in on the early bird workshop pricing. It’s going to be a super time, and I am SO STOKED to meet Wendy Allen.