I just don’t get it. I mean, I’m all for people wearing what they want. If someone (guy or gal) wants to wear a revealing costume, fine, that’s their thing.
My problem is that of the costumes available to women, the majority of them are slutty erm… “sexy”.
I’m sorry, but uh, sexy Bert, Ernie, Twixt bar? No. Slutty Ninja Turtle? I had a homemade TMNT costume that looked badass and was not revealing in the least. Granted, I was a kid, but it was soooo awesome. I could completely re-make that costume for my size now and still look good.

Again, I am not against sexy costuming (much like the blog’s author).
I would just like to see options that aren’t so skimpy.
Why can’t a sexy outfit feature pants? Or sleaves?
Halloween gets friggin’ cold up here in Minnesota. All of my childhood costumes were designed to fit over a snowsuit. I should at least be able to stay warm enough to keep my own nipples attached to their proper places.

So… because of this post, I did a quick Google image search for “Women’s Star Wars Costumes”.
This is what I got…. Nerd-girl rage.

I’m not upset about the sexy costumes or anything, but that red shirt makes me sad.


Because it’s awesome.