The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries – Book Review, Part 2

“The Dianic Tradition and Rites of Life”
I was really, really hoping for something more in-depth on the Dianic Tradition. There are, maybe, 4 or five pages of this 70-some page chapter devoted to any sort of history or tradition. Even then, it’s all speculation. Some of the info is based on some archeological evidence. However, it reads more like an extremist-feminist (read: penis-hating) view on how the world should have begun.

I am beginning to get the idea that some Dianic groups just don’t like dudes.  :/

The rest of the chapter is interesting, though. It touches on old and new rites that can be performed.
Rites for marriage, birthdays, death, the passage into womanhood, and seasonal changes… they’re all in there. There are modern rites, as well, such as a ritual for after an abortion or miscarriage.
I was most struck by the Ritual of Self-Liberation. It is a strong, empowering way to love oneself; I believe everyone should perform this.

I have to say, so far I am not completely ok with some of the messages in the book. I am all for women’s empowerment.
I am not for empowerment at the expense of men.
We are equal.
No, we are not the same, That’s the way I feel it is supposed to be. But we are equally as important in The Wheel, and each gender deserves respect.

Overall: Low points for history, high marks for in-depth rituals/rites. This chapter would be a great resource for those folks looking to celebrate most any occassion.