One of the most relaxing things in (my) life is having a cat purr near or on you.

As I type this, my Wookie is sitting on my legs – doing that kneading thing cats do – going off like an out-board motor. I can hear her purr, and I can feel it vibrating through my legs. It’s like a mini-massage!

I have a bit of a hangover this morning. We decided to play a drinking game last night while watching The Fellowship of the Ring. We would take a shot (not a full shot, more like a small swig,  thankfully, or I may have needed medical attention by now) of Jameson every time Frodo gave Sam and endearing look or said “Oh, Sam.”
I was also drinking beer (Vine Park Brewery’s Black IPA, mmmm….).

Yeah, my head’s a little foggy.

So the fur-monster is a needed relief. She’s warm and soft and very calming.

I’m quite thankful for the little things.

This is how my kitties make me feel.