Well… It has been a while, hasn’t it?

Sorry about that; it’s been a crazy time around here. And I really didn’t have much inspiration to write.
That’s not to say that I have a ton of inspiration to write right now, but I felt like I was neglecting you all.

Instead of my usual “this thought popped into my head” kind of post, I’ll do a sort of book report… thing.
I’m reading some new books for a Dianic study group that I recently joined. Not, like, an academic report, mind you. More like a journal of the thoughts I have as I read the book.

This group, to clarify, is not a coven or anything like that. It’s a group of women who honor feminine mysteries and wish to learn about our traditions together. We believe it’s paramount to growing the next generation of Daughters of the Moon. Society is so outside of the Sacred nowadays and we seek towards bringing us all back to sacred living in every moment.

While I am not a follower of Diana, as you know, I find the parallels between Dianic legend and that of Brigid intriguing.

First up: The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries by Z. Budapest.
“This book is not about reinstating a matriarchy or tearing down patriarchy; it is about women’s spirituality and its relationship with politics and lifestyle.”

It just arrived, so as I start reading it, I’ll update – probably by chapter – my thoughts and feelings. I expect I will dislike some things and may agree with others. I am particularly interested in the history and traditions, and not so much on the spells and witchcraft. It’s not that I have an issue with spell casting and whatnot, but I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of physical magik/magic/etc.

See, I look at spell “casting” as a type of prayer. I don’t necessarily believe that we can manifest control or change over the earth. My biggest concern, I guess, is the thought that some arbitrary thought can create superficial things. I see these “blessings” or “curses” that some folks are selling online. This makes my head hurt. How to you sell a blessing? What price do you put on a curse?

I do believe in the transfer of positive and negative energy to the world around you. But, do I believe that such energy can affect things like wealth or one’s love life or job status? No. Do I believe that the good thoughts of those around you can affect your state of mind enough to give you confidence to get the things you desire? Absolutely.

I digress…
Time to start reading.