It’s been a long friggin’ past few days. The heat wave we’ve had up here is messing with my sinuses, my head, and my lungs. It’s been nice to be able to relax in the pool, but the air is still so thick and gross.

I was in a parade on Sunday. It was super hot, super sunny, and really awesome. I managed to keep mostly burn-free, though the backs of my legs got a little red (ok, a lot; it was not pretty).

And to top it all off, I had a minor freak-out last night. Somehow we got on the subject of Peanut, and my husband (who was sufficiently drunk) started crying. He’s not a crier typically; it takes quite a bit to get that kind of reaction. And I know the alcohol played a big part in it.
But this happened as I was driving us home from the bar. So I was tired, sore (bar stools just aren’t that comfortable), and dehydrated… and that happened. Of course, I start crying. Not only is it a normal reaction for me to cry when others do, but it was also my Peanut.

It is really hard to drive while crying.

When we got home I pretty much went straight to bed. I didn’t want to be up late anyway, which it was, but the emotional drain of the ride home was enough to give me a stress-headache that I just did not want to deal with. Just when you think you might be past that point, you aren’t.
It’s sort of the whole – each day it hurts less and less, until you realize it doesn’t hurt any more. But then, you feel terrible for not feeling bad, so the cycle starts up again – thing. SUX BAWLZ.

But, better things await. I have to push through this to get on with my life.
Dance class tomorrow and Thursday, up to the lake with my sister Friday night, party at the lake Saturday, home Sunday. A nice, full weekend.
Then we have Irish Fair the second weekend of August, and our Renaissance Festival starts up on the 18th.
I have friends getting married, friends having babies, and some vaction time.

I have some great blog-related ideas that will get posted soon – as soon as I figure out how to write them without sounding like an a$$hat or the like.

Until then, folks, enjoy the night; stay healthy, stay happy, and for the love of all things bacon – SMILE.