Another birthday has come and gone.
It was a good day – We had build-your-own sundaes at work, I had a great time at class, AND I got to hang out with good friends! I really wish it didn’t take a birthday to get us together, but I’ll take what I can get.

Class was amazing. It was 2 hours of totally kick-butt ATS(r). My arms are tired. So very tired. We learned the reach & sit and drilled that along with a few other moves. Eventually, I’ll be able to do the Turkish Shimmy 1/2 Turn without looking like a jackass. Eventually.

The bar was running a Twitter special – Mention it (the Twitter thing) and get a FREE pint of Murphy’s Irish Stout.
No strings attached. Free effin’ beer.
It’s nice to be good friends with the management… well, it’s nice to be sleeping with the liquor manager who also happens to be in charge of the social media/promotions/whatnot. My husband is pretty awesome.

It was a good time – as you can see below:

My *real* birthday celebration, though, will be on Sunday. It’s the third annual Bohemian Grove Workshop; I’ve signed up for several workshops, bought my ticket into the hafla, and just ordered my offical BG tshirt!

It’s late and I need to go to bed. I have to work in the morning (but, I do have a pass to come in late if I need to).