I’m going to try this again…. since somehow my original post managed to be deleted.

It’s effin’ hot here.
So hot, in fact, that a local radio station did this and this.
We’ve had heat-related injuries and deaths  over the last week.

With the humidity, the last few days have been steamy. Over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit).
Right now, the weather-folks are saying it is 101 degrees in the Cities. But with the humidity, it feels more like 110.

I’m really glad we got the pool up.

Fortunately, it seems like we’ll get a break. The temps should drop down to a more manageable 80-90 degrees. And, hopefully, we’ll get some rain down here.

Well… I’m going to get ready for a BBQ with friends.
I need to slather on a boat-load of sunblock before my pastey Northgirl self gets out there.
Have a good weekend everyone!