My neighbors have littered the street with fireworks – illegal ones by the way.
I’m sure if I go outside in the ridiculous heat, I’ll find their trash all over my yard.
I usually park my car in the garage, but I was a bit sick last night. I really hope they didn’t damage it. :/

On a day when I should be so very proud of my country, I can help but be ashamed of it’s people.
Lazy, rude, entitled jerkfaces, hell-bent on getting “what they deserve” and what they’re “owed”.
If the founders of this nations saw what we were like today, would they weep? Would they be as ashamed as I am?

Of all of the freedoms we have,  how is it that we keep finding ways to be ungrateful?
So today, folks, lets focus on the things that make this nation great.

And let’s not be dickheads that litter, damage their neighbors’ properties, and let’s not steal their stuff, ok?