Some day, when I decide to grow up (a little), I might make the conscious decision to stop drinking so darn much in one evening.
We’re not talking binge-drinking, by the way, because I won’t do that. Hubby and I went and hung out with some friends that we haven’t seen in a while and kinda made a big night of it.
We grilled, we had some beers, watched a movie (“Wet Hot American Summer”). Then we drank some more.
My girlfriend is pregnant, so she had water and juice, then called it a night around 2330. We we there until just after midnight.

I did, however, make the decision to drink lagers, rather than stouts or reds. I drank several cans of New Belgium Shift. It’s very good… easy to drink, not filling, nice bready-flavor. I recommend it if you prefer something light.
And for a hot night like last night, it was perfect.
But, like I said, I drank several. I usually like to cap it at 3. I had 5.
So, not a binge, but definitely more than I should.

Now my head feels light.
There used to be this great hangover remedy called “Wake-up Call”. It was an Alka-seltzer product. Best darn thing for feeling better. Unfortunately, they recalled it.
Now, I use Alka-seltzer Plus Cold  formula. It helps with the intestinal distress and a bit on the head, but nowhere near what “Wake-up Call” did. At the very least, they could have repackaged it as a migraine medication. That stuff was awesome for migraine relief.
For now, though, I’ll sip my citrus-flavored fizzy water and relax for a bit before undertaking any huge projects.
I have some sewing I want to get done… the friends we visited yesterday are expecting their first baby in the fall – I have some baby blocks to put together. 🙂

Oh, and I managed to pop my knee out of place last night. Just for a brief moment.
I was starting to get up from my seat so the four of us could get ice cream – not Dairy Queen or mass-produced stuff, home-town creamery style. 🙂
As I unfolded my leg from under me, we all heard a crack. My pal in the kitchen thought his wife slapped my leg. Hubby, who was on the chair next to me, thought I smacked myself.
And then they saw my face.
I’m sure it was a sight to behold. It wasn’t quite as painful as I expected, but hurt enough for some tears.
Fortunately for me it wasn’t quite out of place… it just shifted enough to threaten.

I spent the rest of the evening in a brace or with an ice pack. It’s not badly bruised, mostly just a bit stiff and swollen.

Overall, though, the evening was great.
I enjoy spending time with those two. We’ve been friends for a long time, and they (so far) haven’t let time change who they are.